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Welcome to Credit Card Processor. If you have a business that is currently processing ACH payments or are a new business that needs to set up optional billing systems, then Credit Card Processor is the right source for you.

Benefits of ACH

* Accept an echeck online in real time
* Expand your electronic payment options
* Set up weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or yearly ACH payment schedules
* No more waiting for the check in the mail
* Electronic payment management
* Low monthly fees
* Batch reporting
* Excellent additional billing option
* Integrate with echeck accounting program
* Etc..

What is ACH?

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The definition of ACH stands for Automated Clearing House. This is the central banking location through the Federal Reserve Banking System and clearing house for all automated transactions in the United States. When an electronic payment is processed by echeck or credit card transaction, the funds are sent through to the Automated Clearing House, cleared, then wired to your local bank account. These echeck transactions are all conducted within a matter of days.

Why ACH is good for you

To accept echeck payments is a good thing because it gives your business additional electronic payment options that you do not have by accepting credit cards alone. If you are a business that does not do transactions face to face the accepting echeck payments is absolutely mandatory to ensure the best success for your business! If you are a company that offers monthly memberships, then setting up ACH for your business is imperative to your success! We have this electronic payment service for you to add to your billing arsenal, at the very lowest prices available.

Echeck / Electronic Payment Pricing

Credit Card Processor has the very lowest pricing in the business when it comes to accepting ACH transactions. *Basic pricing structure is as follows: You will pay $.45 per transaction. Every electronic payment return you will be assessed a $3.00 fee. You can turn around a charge the customer who bounced the echeck payment whatever fee you deem to be fair for the NSF payment. There will be a $10 statement fee and a 1.00 end of day batch fee. There will also be a 1.00% fee to process the ACH echeck transaction. *This is a basic pricing structure. Pricing may vary depending on business type and monthly processing volume.

How to Get Started

Getting started is easy. All you have to do is give us a call. You can call us 24 hours per day, 7 days per week at 1 (888) 249-0605 and one of our friendly customer service agents will simply guide you through the steps of setting up your new electronic payment service. Or, you can simply apply online and we will send you detailed information regarding pricing and all the documentation necessary to set up your new account today.

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