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Thank you for visiting us at CreditCardProcessor.Com. If you are looking to set up check guarantee services then you have found the right company to provide this important electronic payments service to you.

You can accept an ACH payment by check guarantee for retail point of sale by check swipe & non swipe, telephone orders and online (non guarantee). Whatever type of business you operate, Credit Card Processor has an electronic payments solution for you.

Benefits of ACH Payment Check Guarantee

* Increase business revenues by accepting electronic payments, converting checks electronically
* Safe and secure electronic payment processing
* Eliminate all risks
* Bad checks eliminated
* Get paid for “Stop Payments”
* Logon for free ACH payment reporting
* Get paid on all NSF checks
* Eliminate the cost of collection services

Increase revue by accepting electronic payments

online credit card processing If you are merchant that currently accepts credit card payments, then you understand how important it is having credit card processing services available to your consumers. You know a business cannot operate in this day and age on cash alone. If you currently only accept cash and credit card payments and are reviewing this website for check guarantee services then you understand that the ability to accept checks is the key to increasing revenue for your company grow in the right direction.

Available Types of Check Guarantee Services:

Point of Sale (Conversion & Guarantee)– Credit Card Processor will set you up with a free Magtek check guarantee imager to convert your checks into an ach payment. If the electronic payments are returned or end up as a stop payment by the customer, then Credit Card Processor will make sure you are paid and collect from the customer on your behalf. To pay for this electronic payments, check guarantee service you will pay a small percentage of each transaction to Credit Card Processor for processing and guaranteeing the funds on each transaction. Therefore, taking on all of the risk of your customer so that you can get paid and not worry about any possible future ach payment problems. Accept electronic payments by check guarantee, hassle free. What a great concept!

Checks by Phone– If you conduct most of your business over the telephone, then collecting electronic payments by phone is the best way to go. Credit Card Processor has check guarantee available for your type of business. An ACH payment is collected by phone and then manually entered into a payment gateway form that will collect, authorize and deposit your electronic payments by checks. This will eliminate the need for waiting, as they say for, “the check in the mail”. You can process the transaction immediately over the telephone, immediately increasing your revenues by offering the ACH payment option. Also, it will make your customer happy by having the convenience using their electronic payments method of choice.

Checks by Internet, Ecommerce– If you have an internet website that currently accepts credit card payments, you can now expand your ach payment options by also accepting checks. This particular program does not come with a check guarantee option.
Credit Card Processor guarantees the lowest rates and fees schedule available to accept ACH payment check guarantee services.

I Want to Accept Checks. How Do I Get Started?

Getting started is easy with Credit Card Processor. Give a call at 1 (888) 249-0605. You can contact us 24 hours per day, 7 days per week and one of our friendly customer services reps will be happy to assist you with all of your questions. Or, simply apply now and we will be happy to email you complete details of all of our ACH payment programs.

Thank you for visiting Credit Card Processor. Have a fantastic day!

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