My name is Danny A. Lyons. I’m the National Sales Director for Merchant Service Group.

Partnering with Merchant Service Group:

We have a new program for generating revenue that may interest you. If you have business contacts and are interested in adding an additional revenue stream, take a look at our Affiliate Program.

Merchant Service Group has created a superior Affiliate / Referral program. We have been in business for 18 years and work with hundreds of thousands of merchants accross the United States. Below is a basic outline of a program we can offer for you and your merchant clientele. We will do all the work for you. All that we ask is that you would provide the list of merchants who have done business with you currently and before.

How Does it Work?

Of course most all merchants already have a credit card merchant account that you should be getting paid for! We simply offer them a better plan.a better rate.better service…a cheaper deal. We work with all major cards (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover, and JCB).

Business Proposal for Affiliate / Credit Card Merchant Services Affiliation

  1. Create a partnership to provide new merchants for credit card processing services.
  2. Provide Affiliate a pay plan of up to $425.00 for each new active merchant (see FLEX Pay document) and 25.00% ongoing lifetime monthly residual income for referral business.
  3. Have Affiliate agree to add a flyer in each new kit sent out to merchants who request their services.
  4. Have Affiliate agree to send us all data (calling / mailing lists) on merchants who use their services. To all new merchants referred by Affiliate, send out postcards for new merchants to call an inbound calling center provided by Merchant Service Group.
  5. To all new merchants referred by Affiliate, call a calling list from an outbound calling center provided by Merchant Service Group.

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