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Mini Bank Nautilus Hyosung Series


Nurit 2085The best value in Retail ATMs, NH-1800 series satisfies with a wide range of options to customize configuration for any retail location.

  • Reliability
    State of the art technology acquired through our experience in the US retail industry ensures speedy & accurate transactions. Features such as UL291 business hour safe, VISA/PCI EPP certified and verified software make NH-1800 a leader in ATM security.
  • Scalability
    Equipped with a wide variety of cash dispensing units, NH-1800 series not only can fill up to 6,000 notes but also gives a choice of price range for the customers. In addition, the display and the safe specification can be customized as an option.
  • Flexibility
    Small foot print and ergonomic design allows NH-1800 to be installed in virtually anywhere and the function keys with 7″ wide display and voice guidance system complies with ADA regulations. NH-1800 is simply the ultimate ATM solution in the off-premise industry.

NH-1800, a product of Nautilus Hyosung’s ATM technology acquired from years of experience in the retail industry, is engineered to provide outstanding reliability at an affordable price. Unit arrangement, voice guidance system, and transaction guidance indicator offers comfortable accessibility to all customers. Furthermore highly visible topper makes it easy for customers to spot the ATM .
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NH – 1500

Comnet 3000Mini-Bank NH-1500 Series: The best value in Retail ATMs, the NH-1500 Series satisfies with a wide range of options to customize configuration for any retail location.

The NH-1500 Series is the most successful ATM on the retail market over the past several years. The NH-1500 Series has been created by the innovative ATM technology as well as the market approach.
It is Triple DES compliant and provides versatile features such as voice guidance for compliance with ADA requirements, Visa EPP certified, UL standard and the unique design of Nautilus Hyosung.

Based on the Retail ATM technology that has been proven in US market, the NH-1500 series offers stable operation quality and advanced performance through verified functionalities and optimized control parts.

Equipped with a wide variety of cash dispensers, the NH-1500 series meets not only its flexibility up to 6,000 notes but also a choice of price range for the customers. In addition, it is enabled to customize the display and the safe specification as an option.

Payment Alliance International ATM Services Group offers unmatched benefits & service.

Payment Alliance International ATM Services Group offers advantages unmatched by other companies financial stability, security, service & support.

  • The 3rd largest ATM deployer in the nation.
  • Over 8500 locations under service or management contracts in 50 states.
  • Currently processing approximately 2.6 million transactions per month and managing the settlement and processing of over $139 million of our customers money each month.
  • On-line, real-time web access to terminal processing information.
  • 24/7 Tech Support, providing all levels of maintenance for off-premise ATMs including repairs, installation and complete refurbishment usually within 24 to 48 hours.
  • Excellent Customer Service with average hold times at 12 seconds or less.

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Triton 9100The Triton 9100 is designed from the ground up to be dollar-for-dollar, the lowest cost ATM in the industry! It features Triton’s unparalleled reliability, plus Triton’s Own TDM-100 Dispensing Mechanism Incorporating state-of-the-art electronics and a host of features like locking cassette and automatic error recovery designed to maximize uptime. And even though the 9100 features the lowest cost of ownership in the industry, it still incorporates many of the industry’s tightest security features, such as SPED (Secure PIN Entry Device) and Triple DES, the new standard for PIN encryption.
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Triton 9700Customizable to suit the needs of each location, the Triton 9700 builds on Triton’s renowned reliability and overall low cost of ownership to deliver the most cost-effective ATM in its class. Developed specifically for the traffic and transaction volumes that characterize many retail, food services and hospitality location, the Triton 9700 offers a full range of options that can be configured to suit the function and economic requirements of any retail business. The 9700 is compliant with existing and proposed ADA regulations. An optional audio port, a shorter cabinet, and brighter LCD transaction screen with a wider viewing angel and a redesigned keypad, make it easy to use. Loaded with modular options, the 9700 is the new standard for ATMs.

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Triton SuperScripThe Triton SuperScrip… An affordable way to provide cash to your customer when you don’t have the traffic volume or space to justify an ATM. SuperScrip terminal dispense ScripStrips which can be redeemed at the counter for cash. Triton’s SuperScrip offers traditional ATM features such as color monitor, remote access and the ability to generate income at about one-tenth the cost of a traditional ATM.

  • Locate A SuperScrip Anywhere
  • SuperScrip can sit atop your counter or reside on a pedestal
  • The pedestal offers additional branding and advertising opportunities
  • Monitor Provides Advertising Space
  • Choose between standard monochrome or 256 colors monitor
  • Use the monitor for advertising, graphics or promotions
  • Change ads as often as you desire with Triton Connect.
  • Card reader minimizes downtime
  • Prevents Jams, lets coins and materials fall through
  • Easy for customers to use
  • Eliminates risk of customer forgetting their cards


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The all new Tranax Mini-Bank 1500, the absolute best value in retail ATMs. This high quality, low cost unit features:

Nurit 202 PINpad

  • Dip-type magnetic card reader
  • Standard AP Software with DES
  • 3 1/8 inch thermal receipt printer
  • 56K modem for dial-up connection
  • EPP (Encrypted Pin Pad)
  • Voice guidance system
  • UL291 business hour listed safe
  • Standard AP Software with DES
  • TDES capable
  • 1/4 inch thick steel bottom plate
  • 55 in. high, 16 in. wide, 24 in. deep, & weighs 269 lbs.

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Tranax Mini-Bank 2100

Tranax Mini-Bank 2100Tranax Mini-Bank 2100The Tranax Mini-Bank 2100 boasts a 6″, 256-color display with 320 x 240 resolution. Featuring ROM capacity to store eight full-color ads and offering remote downloading capabilities, the Mini-Bank 2100 adds a profit center by offering variable, on-screen advertisements.

  • Remote set-up, advertisement, and program downloading
  • Faster downloading speed
  • Reduced phone time
  • Accesses remote monitoring functions quicker
  • Easily upgraded
  • Dimensions: 52″ high x 19″ wide x 22″ deep

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OMNI 3200The Tranax Nano Cash ATM uses the Remote Management System software, and occupies less than 1.5 square feet of your counter top space yet it does everything and more than most of the free standing ATMs can. It will maximize your space use and profit:

Standard features

  • Swipe type card reader
  • 6″ LCD with 256 color 320 x 240 resolution
  • 80mm wide thermal printer
  • Tactile feedback keyboard with integrated Braille
  • 56K modem and dial-up connection
  • 10 advertisement screens
  • Electronic journal
  • High speed friction feed Cash Dispensing Unit
  • Built-in first cassette (1500 notes)
  • Reject bin
  • Five language support
  • Dial lock
  • Meets UL291 business hour safe requirements
  • Dimensions
  • Height: 20.5 inches; Width: 10.9 inches; Depth: 19.7 inches; Weight: 100 lbs. (approx.)
  • Optional features
  • Illuminated topper
  • Mounting bracket
  • Second cassette (500 notes)

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