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Thank you for visiting us at CreditCardPorcessor.Com. We are proud to introduce our new exclusive offer for a free Harbortouch Point of Sale (POS) System! If you are a restaurant owner, supermarket owner or a retailer, you know the importance of a having a POS System to streamline your business and making it easy to conduct business at the touch of a button. With our free state of the art POS System you can save time and money by letting us do your accounting , bookkeeping and keeping track of all of your inventory coming in and out of your business. Making it easy to figure out what items are hot and exactly when to place your next order. Keeping inventory on hand, making running your business cost effective and efficient.

How Do I Get My Free POS System?

It is easy to qualify for your very own free POS System. The only thing we require is to acquire your credit card merchant services and to process your credit card transactions. Just for giving us the chance to earn your credit card processing business we will happily install your new high tech, PCI Compliant, free Harbortouch Point of Sale System. As long as you maintain your credit card processing with us, your Point of Sale System will always be yours to keep.

What if I need more than One POS System?

At Credit Card Processor we understand that many types of merchants will need more than one POS System because of having several check out lanes or multiple server stations. Understanding this, we are happy to offer as many POS Systems needed to cater to the needs of your particular business. Along with your additional POS Systems, we can also offer multiple printers, currency scanners and weigh stations. All at zero cost to you.

Some Features of the Harbortouch Point of Sale (POS) System

* Accept Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Cash & Checks * Inventory Tracking * Employee Schedule Management * Employee Productivity Management * Built in Time Clock * Highly Durable 15 inch Display Touch Screen Monitor * Nine Year Touch Screen Life Span, etc..

Free POS System Benefits:

* Easy to Use * Reliable * Low Maintenance Requirements * Built in Reporting for: Accounting, Bookkeeping, Financial Monitoring, Volume Predictions, Sales History Viewing, Inventory Tracking, Sales Trend Identifiers, Track discounts and refunds. * POS System Reporting Access from any Laptop of Desktop Remote Location, etc..

How do I Get Started?

Getting started is easy. Simple complete the following information form and one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives will answer all of your questions and properly inform you how to acquire your new free Harbortouch Point of Sale (POS) System.

Onsite installation and training is included and ongoing service and support is a standard.

Thank you for visiting us at http://CreditCardProcessor.Com. We wish you the best of success and hope you have a great day!

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