High Risk Merchant Account

Do you need a high risk merchant account? Are you a business owner that has been trying to establish credit card processing services and have found that because of the type of business you operate, your bank or other payment service establishments have turned you down? If this is the case then you are just like thousands of companies that have been rejected for electronic payment services.

Are you having trouble finding to accept credit cards for your business that will approve you? We can usually get you approved and have you up and credit card processing services quickly and efficiently, with a high risk merchant account.

Definition of a High Risk Merchant Account

Why do they call it a high risk merchant account? There are certain requirements regarding particular types of businesses considered when establishing payment services.

For example: If you own a restaurant or a gas station that has a low average ticket item and swipes the card at the point of sale, this would be considered for automatic approval with “A” tiered processors. If you have an online pharmacy or a debt collection agency, then the risk of a chargeback may be high and if the payment was not card swiped, this type of business would be considered with the “B” tiered processors. In this case, you will need to set up a high risk merchant account.

The reason the credit card processing industry calls it this is because some business types are considered just that, high risk.

What Can Credit Card Processor Do For You?

At Credit Card Processor, we have several banking relationships established to help you set up an offshore or high risk merchant account. As you know by now, for certain types of business the bank will not accept you for card payments. Now, there are banks out there that are set up to work directly with the type of business that you operate that needs a high risk merchant account. The hard part is finding the banks that will work domestically or offshore with your specific type of business.

http://CreditCardProcessor.com has all the tools necessary to help you establish electronic payment services. With our domestic and offshore programs, you can rest assured that you will be able to accept card payments, without the worry of getting shut down later or the fear of volume caps. We can accept virtually every business type for an offshore or high risk merchant account!

Offshore merchant account

For corporations set up outside of the United States, we have many offshore services available to help you accept credit card payments. Credit Card Processor can help you set up internationally, offshore or within the United States for a high risk merchant account. We have established banking relationships all over the world offshore and domestically to work with businesses that sell virtually any type of product or service and are from any country anywhere in the world.

How Do I Apply For and Set Up My OffShore or High Risk Merchant Account?

If you are ready or would like to learn more information on setting up your offshore or high risk merchant account, simply contact one of our friendly and knowledgable representatives 24 hours per day by calling 1 (888) 249-0605 or apply now and we will send you everything you need to know about getting started and setting up today.

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