ISO/Agent Program has a long history and close relationships with ISO’s. Since 1994 we have been providing merchant processing programs for financial institutions. Credit Card Processor provides business services and customer service for our ISO partners. Without any liability or recourse the ISO’s share in the income revenue.

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Residual Income

Take advantage of our “choice” program to maximize your earnings. You get to choose on a merchant-by-merchant basis, either our lucrative revenue-sharing program, or our aggressive buy rate program. On average, our sales partners earn $30-$40 per month on each account!

Interested in working as an independent contractor selling working capital to businesses?
CreditCardProcessor.Com is the nation’s leading provider of working capital to businesses against their future credit card processing sales from their customers. Currently sell merchant accounts? Learn how our product can separate you from the rest. The average commission is over $1,600 per deal (plus merchant account processing residual)

Features Include

NO TERMINATION FEES!!! Our month-to-month processing agreement provides hassle free termination in the event that your merchant wishes to cancel services

  • 75/25 TRUE Interchange Split! NO Commitment and Non-Exclusive
  • $75.00 Upfront Bonus on every approved merchant account! No minimum requirement to activate Bonus payouts!!!
  • Free Credit Card Terminals!
  • $125.00 Account Conversion Bonus!
  • Fast Same Day account approvals!
  • Full Agent Support – when you call, we actually pick up the phone!!!
  • Unlimited free new business leads!!!
  • Online Viewing of your account approval status and merchant transactions!
  • And Much, Much, More!!!!!!

Free Services

Count down our list of free services. Marketing materials, color brochures, business cards, customizable website, conversion assistance and merchant training, pin pad swap out and encryption, dedicated sales partner terminal support team, wireless activation fees, Internet payment gateway.

Software from and Plug N Pay, a web-based transaction information management tool for your merchants, sales training events including payment for your airfare, hotel and meals, and many other FREE services you can find out about by calling or visiting our website.

Earn residual income from every transaction placed through!
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