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Thank you for visiting If you are an ecommerce merchant looking for shopping cart and online payment solutions then is the payment gateway for you.

Free Payment Gateway is the leading ecommerce shopping cart payment provider. Also, they lead the world in safe and secure online transactions. When you set up your free low rate merchant account with CCP, we will also give you a free payment terminal to do ecommerce shopping cart transactions.

Accept Payments Immediately

When you set up your ecommerce merchant account, which only takes 24 hours or less, you can start accepting secure transactions immediately with Rest assured all of your credit card transactions will be conducted safely and securely. Your customers can do shopping cart transaction directly from your website or you can logon to your portal and place each transaction manually from a desktop or a laptop from any location around the world.

Shopping Cart Options

You can start accepting ecommerce credit card payments immediately through any of the pre authorized shopping cart portals of your choosing. Almost every shopping cart of your liking may be used because has stern requirements for shopping cart providers and an ecommerce provider who offers this service always tries to live up to standards since they are the leading payment gateway provider in the online payment industry.

Accept Checks Payments

Once your payment gateway is set up and merchant account approved, you can now accept ecommerce credit card payments as well as accept checks online. You now will have the ability to accept checks online as an additional payment option for your online customers to take advantage of. CCP strongly recommends that you offer this service as an addition to your shopping cart payment options to increase sales revenue for your ecommerce business. One of the great benefits of doing so is that you can accept a payment right away and don’t have to wait for the check to arrive in the mail. Also, giving you a chance to clear the online check payment faster and being able to deliver your products in a timely manner to your appreciative customer. Benefits

* Secure ecommerce payments * Seamless shopping cart integration * Instant & efficient online payment solution * Fraud prevention features * Recurring billing options * Advanced fraud detection options * Instant online reporting system

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