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B: Disclaimer: National Payment Processing is a registered ISO/MSP of First National Bank of St. Louis, MO (“FNBSTL”)


C: What is EMV and why is it important to me as a merchant? http://www.emv-connection.com/merchants/

1. Why am I (as a merchant) required to participate in this new mandate? http://www.emv-connection.com/emv-transactions/


D: By clicking on the ### Click Here to Apply Now ### link, you will find the documentation needed to apply for your new mandatedFREE POS EMV Smart Card Terminal ($850.00 Value). [Equipment replacement guaranteed immediately in the case of a breakdown]






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E: A Few Benefits at a Glance:

1- Free Paper Supplies!

2- NEXT DAY FUNDING [Available Upon Request]

3- Lowest Rates Guaranteed! [Find a Lower Rate and We’ll Pay You $500.00]

4- Month to Month Service Agreement! [Cancel Service at Any Time without Penalty]

5- No Cancellation Fees! [Equals No Risk to You]

6- Free EMV Credit Card Equipment! [Save $850.00 Dollars in Set Up Expenses]

7- No PCI Compliance Fees



Lowest Rates Guaranteed!


F: Point of Sale / Low Risk / Card Swipe Merchants:

1. * V/MC/Credit Card discount rate: Interchange plus .10% basis points & 20c per transaction

2. * V/MC/Check Card discount rate: Interchange plus .20% basis points & 20c per transaction
3. * Monthly Statement Fee: 0

4. * Monthly Minimum: 0




### Click Here to Apply Now ###



G: Interchange Rate Chart Guidelines:

Credit Card Buy Rates Check Cards Buy Rates

1. *V/MC Qualified Rate: 1.55% 1a. *V/MC Check Cards: .09% & .05c per transaction

2. *V/MC Mid-Qualified Rate: 2.05%

3. *V/MC Non-Qualified Rate: 2.95%

–These rates are based upon V/MC interchange guidelines which can be found at: http://usa.visa.com/download/merchants/visa-usa-interchange-reimbursement-fees-june2012.pdf




Please sign, complete and submit the online application. It contains all the information needed to apply for your merchant account. I will contact you after receiving the required faxed documents (see below) and verify that the application has been received.


I: Fax the following documents to 1.801.681.1087.

1- Copy of driver’s license

2 -Copy of voided business check

3 -Copy of business license

4 -Copy of most recent credit card merchant statement

5 -Copy of business card or advertising material


J: After completing documentation, fax doc’s to 1.801.681.1087. Or, if you wish, you may scan your documentation and email it back to newmerchant@creditcardprocessor.com. If you have any questions regarding completing the documentation, feel free to contact us between 9am-5pm PST.



Right click here and save as for the EMV Smart Chip Presentation


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