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B: Disclaimer: National Payment Processing is a registered ISO/MSP of First National Bank of St. Louis, MO (“FNBSTL”)


C: What is EMV and why is it important to me as a merchant?

1. Why am I (as a merchant) required to participate in this new mandate?


D: By clicking on the ### Click Here to Apply Now ### link, you will find the documentation needed to apply for your new mandatedFREE POS EMV Smart Card Terminal ($850.00 Value). [Equipment replacement guaranteed immediately in the case of a breakdown]






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E: A Few Benefits at a Glance:

1- Free Paper Supplies!

2- NEXT DAY FUNDING [Available Upon Request]

3- Lowest Rates Guaranteed! [Find a Lower Rate and We’ll Pay You $500.00]

4- Month to Month Service Agreement! [Cancel Service at Any Time without Penalty]

5- No Cancellation Fees! [Equals No Risk to You]

6- Free EMV Credit Card Equipment! [Save $850.00 Dollars in Set Up Expenses]

7- No PCI Compliance Fees



Lowest Rates Guaranteed!


F: Point of Sale / Low Risk / Card Swipe Merchants:

1. * V/MC/Credit Card discount rate: Interchange plus .10% basis points & 20c per transaction

2. * V/MC/Check Card discount rate: Interchange plus .20% basis points & 20c per transaction
3. * Monthly Statement Fee: 0

4. * Monthly Minimum: 0




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G: Interchange Rate Chart Guidelines:

Credit Card Buy Rates Check Cards Buy Rates

1. *V/MC Qualified Rate: 1.55% 1a. *V/MC Check Cards: .09% & .05c per transaction

2. *V/MC Mid-Qualified Rate: 2.05%

3. *V/MC Non-Qualified Rate: 2.95%

–These rates are based upon V/MC interchange guidelines which can be found at:




Please sign, complete and submit the online application. It contains all the information needed to apply for your merchant account. I will contact you after receiving the required faxed documents (see below) and verify that the application has been received.


I: Fax the following documents to 1.801.681.1087.

1- Copy of driver’s license

2 -Copy of voided business check

3 -Copy of business license

4 -Copy of most recent credit card merchant statement

5 -Copy of business card or advertising material


J: After completing documentation, fax doc’s to 1.801.681.1087. Or, if you wish, you may scan your documentation and email it back to If you have any questions regarding completing the documentation, feel free to contact us between 9am-5pm PST.



Right click here and save as for the EMV Smart Chip Presentation


Right click here and save as for the pin pad information




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