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Merchant Cash Advance

Welcome and thank you for visiting Credit Card Processor. You have found the right provider when it comes to working capital business loan. Credit Card Processor has many options that banks cannot provide when it comes to acquiring the money you need for working capital.

Credit Card Processor Business Loan Program Options

Credit Card Processor knows that when it comes to running an effective and profitable company that you need working capital from time to time to make ends meet. That’s why we have created several different lending programs for you, the corporate owner to take advantage of:

Merchant Cash Advance:

This is a program based on the future of your credit card receivables. No credit check is required. For current credit card processing company owners, Credit Card Processor will advance you up to 1.5 months of future card swipe receivables in the form of an ACH payment to your checking account. With a merchant cash advance, for example: If you currently process $50,000.00 on a monthly average, Credit Card Processor will forward you up to $75,000.00. Your merchant cash advance is then monitored from your daily credit card sales. A small percentage of your daily sales will then be deducted from your batch to help pay back the merchant cash advance. The entire amount of the merchant cash advance will be paid back in approximately 7 to 12 months. At that time, you may apply for another merchant cash advance. This will keep an automated revolving door open for access to working capital whenever you are in need of additional funds to run your company. With a merchant cash advance you may apply for a business loan between $5000.00 to unlimited amounts of future credit card receivables.

Working Capital:

This is an excellent program to leverage your company when it comes to needing money. This program was initially set up to help restaurant owners acquire extra money when they need it most. The reason for focusing on the restaurant industry is because traditionally banks do not lend to restaurants owners. To a bank, a restaurant is considered a very high risk for issuing a business loan. For Credit Card Processor, this opened up an excellent opportunity to offer a business loan program not available anywhere else! We are one of the only companies in the United States to offer a proprietary business loan to the restaurant industry for working capital. This working capital business loan is based on company years of operation and the credit history of the company owner. This lending program is now available to almost every type of point of sale retail merchant.

How to Apply For a Business Loan Today

To receive detailed information about acquiring working capital with a merchant cash advance or a business loan is easy. Simply contact us 24 hours per day by calling 1 (888) 249-0605. Or, apply now and you will be sent detailed information regarding how you can acquire the funds you need right away.

Merchant cash advance and working capital. Credit Card Processor is your reliable, quick and easy business loan source for when you need money now and the bank say’s, “no”. We thank you for visiting our website and look forward to helping you with all of your lending / credit card processing needs.

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