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We started up in January 1994. Back then the internet was not available yet. We started as a brick and mortar credit card processing company hiring sales people to go door to door setting up mom and pop retail merchants, gas stations and restaurants in all 50 contingent states of the United States of America.

In 1997 the internet went into full bloom and we created our internet domain, “CreditCardProcessor.Com”. The timing was good and soon after we posted our first website, we were receiving emails and calls from merchants all around the country and from around the world! We quickly grew from the exposure on the internet as one of the top credit card processing merchant services providers in the country. Setting up thousands of new merchants for credit card processing almost overnight!

In 1999, we officially changed our corporate entity and became CreditCardProcessor.Com. Credit Card Processor has remained as the same corporate entity since that day


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    Credit Card Processor

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